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Beauty tips from some of the world’s most beautiful models

Want to know beauty tips that the world’s top models use? Our models share the beauty tips that will make you look as good as them. Simple tips that cost less than a cup of coffee. I call it the ‘Cheatsheet Models.’ Below are some of their information for you.

1) If your hair looks a little greasy and has lost some of its shine, rub some talcum powder through it and watch it bounce back immediately.

2) Having trouble covering a pimple or pimple and no makeup makes it look better, just bigger. Don’t try to hide it; take a tip from Cindy Crawford or Madonna and turn an eyesore into a beauty spot. Use an eyebrow pencil to color it in.

3) Nobody likes those bags under the eyes, but sometimes we don’t get enough sleep, and they come out. Sure, there are tea bags or cucumber and ice packs you can use to reduce them, but that takes time. So do what the models do and smear hemorrhoid cream on them, and it will reduce swelling and tighten the skin in no time.

4) Don’t put that hemorrhoid cream down just yet. We all hate those little spider veins we get, so smear them with the cream too. They diminish or even disappear before your eyes. Ask any model to show you her handbag or makeup bag, and you will always find a tube of hemorrhoid cream.

5) Do you want to wear an outfit that is a little loose around the breasts, and you feel that you could fall out if you are not careful. Do what the Hollywood stars and models do, use double-sided tape. Stick the video to your skin and press the edge of the clothing onto the video, and it will stay in place all night—no more embarrassing moments of something popping out.

6) A good smile is important to our appearance and how we feel. Try this natural teeth whitening tip. Rub a fresh strawberry over your teeth; they will naturally whiten. Just make sure you don’t leave any pulp or seeds in your teeth.

7) For Shoes that blister tries a little petroleum jelly or a similar lubricant on the pressure points in the shoe. Since it is oil-based, it will prevent or minimize friction. Be careful not to use too much and check that the petroleum jelly doesn’t stain the shoe, especially leather. Since it is petroleum-based, it is an oil and will stain like an oil.

8) The dreaded “Visible Panty Line” (VPL) we’ve all seen, whether you’re wearing a dress, skirt, or pants, never looks right. Try wearing g-strings, thongs, or Boy Shorts-style knickers. They don’t get through your clothes.

9) With all the low-cut jeans and pants on the market right now, there’s always that problem of leaning forward or squatting and showing your knickers over the top of your waistband, especially at the back. Try our range of Micro strings and strings. They sit much lower than conventional briefs and don’t peek over the tops of your pants or low-cut skirts.

I trust these tips will be helpful and suggest you try them yourself.

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