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Hot bikini models wear thongs – or do they?

Regardless of whether the beach, club, or pool you go to allows women to wear thong bikinis, some hot bikini models swear that men drool when they walk around wearing a thong. Do you believe that?

What’s so glamorous about seeing a woman’s bum with a little piece of fabric that follows the line down to her waist with cute tied little bows? Many women believe that string bikinis should not be worn in public but rather as a sensual enhancer of an evening of romance. So why are young women looking for modeling jobs where they can wear string bikinis?

In the early 1990s, the thong bikini appeared in the print media, and usually, the thong was not depicted on an ordinary-looking woman. Yes, maybe the printed versions were airbrushed, or a model’s flaws were covered with photo-enhancing software, but thongs were nonetheless introduced to the American public.

The Brazilians called the thong a thong, and they praised the fact that when a thong was worn under clothing, no-slip lines were visible. Likewise, it was considered to have increased sex appeal from a man’s point of view, as it appeared as if a woman wearing a thong was not wearing any underwear.

While you won’t find much fabric in a thong bikini or thong underwear, the fashion experts ramped up its appeal, and thongs started bringing in big bucks for the manufacturers and retailers. The women’s fashion designers arrived quickly on site. They created jeans labeled “low-waisted,” while thong distributors promptly pointed out that low-waisted jeans were more attractive to the teenage girls who wore thongs, as the top and v-style made women in to show off their lingerie in a somewhat sensual but revealing way.

In 2000, just two years after the string’s launch, Americans bought more than 123 million strings, which doubled sales from 1998. Even more depressing for many older generations was that young parents were spending their hard-earned dollars buying thongs for their daughters between 10 and 16.

Nevertheless, fashion trends may come and go, but certain is one thing. Although thongs and thong bikinis are not as popular as in previous years, the thong bikini has become indispensable. The only other fashion trends that have crept up behind the thong bikini are the Brazilian bikini, which the Australians invented called the backless thong. With this type of thing, the straps on the backslide gently under the crease of the buttocks, while the strings on the sides hook-like bra straps around the hips.

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