Pink has always been the color of all things sweet and kind, and pink is a lighter shade of the color red. Red as it is popularly known is the color of passion and passion is generally associated with violent, animalistic attitudes. When the color is toned down to pink, it emerges as the softer side of passion and becomes an expression of love and romance. For example, the color is believed to evoke feelings of tenderness and gentle behavior, both of which are quite essential to the art of lovemaking.

Pink has a deep association with the feminine gender and very often anything colored pink is automatically pronounced feminine. The tradition has gone so far that women who don’t have pink in their wardrobe stand out as prudish and tomboy-esque. For example, pink has turned into a form of sexual discrimination. However, this thought should not stop anyone, regardless of gender, from wearing pink underwear, since pink is just one color after all. However, most types of pink underwear are designed exclusively for women. Pink panties come in all kinds of underwear, from bikinis to thongs to thongs. Women also have access to a wide variety of shades of pink, from pale to burgundy, as well as many patterns. Pink underwear is available in leather, silk, cotton, and even rubber. Very often,  the fabric will take up pink as a theme and center the design of the underwear on the color. Themes such as flowers, teddy bears, and candy can be printed on the fabric and they look best in pink.

Pink is the favorite color of underwear among children and even solid pink panties are a big hit in this age group. For kids, fun designs like dolls, pumpkins, and cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh and Goldilocks are used to dress up the patterns. Designs are usually absent in pink underwear intended for men. For men, pink is generally limited to briefs and boxers, even in light shades.

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