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Thongs – sexy, sleazy but deadly?

Women wear thongs for many reasons. Aside from being slouchy, women love thongs because you can’t see their panties. Yes, thongs are beautiful. Yes, they look sexy on women, but they should come with a warning label.

Many gynecologists in the US have found that yeast infections are common in women who wear thongs. A fungus called Candida albicans causes vaginal yeast infections. While not life-threatening, they can be very uncomfortable.

Thongs are harmful because they irritate and inflame the area around Bartholin’s glands, which produce lubricant during intercourse. If the ducts leading to the glands become blocked, you may also develop a cyst next to your vagina. Simply put, thongs irritate the vagina and don’t allow enough air or space. Thongs can also cause minor cuts that can cause infection.

Even worse, the small string on a string allows the anus and vagina to be connected together. The string as a link will bring bacteria from the rectum directly to your vagina. Bacteria such as group B Streptococcal disease and E.coli can be transmitted in the anus as well as in the vagina.

Former top model, Elle Macpherson, is said to have said in the media:

“Thongs are not only uncomfortable, but they are also unsanitary and dangerous. Women who continue to wear them are at risk of infection and infertility.”

Tips for strings  :

  • Don’t wear your thongs 24 hours a day.
  • Make sure your strings aren’t super tight.
  • Do not wear spandex, lycra and nylon thongs.
  • Only wear cotton thongs.
  • Do not sleep at night in thongs or other tight panties. There is still movement during your sleep and this can shake parts of the vagina and anus in women.

Lydia Ismail is a writer who writes about issues that affect our health, lifestyle and well-being. Her first ebook titled “The Fashion Crap” is sure to stir up some controversy in blogs and forums. It discusses fashion that can hurt, maim and kill. 

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